The Bavaria Film studios in Geiselgasteig have a very long tradition in dubbing. The first movies were dubbed as far back as the 1930s. With the development of television, an important centre for the dubbing of movies and TV productions was established in the south of Munich.

As a modern service-provider, Bavaria Synchron GmbH convinces with a wide range of services reflected in the individual subjects of its productions: all genres and formats are professionally handled by Bavaria Synchron. Movies, TV dramas and series – from documentaries through crime thrillers and children’s entertainment to sitcoms – whether they are real-life, animated cartoons or computer-animated productions.

Many years of experience and qualified contact persons – our small team supported by many freelancers in the creative as well as technical sector. All of the customers’ requirements are realized by Bavaria Synchron with first-class support.

Swedish, French, Italian and, of course, English – we have experienced skilled translators, authors and directors for each cultural area. They guarantee spot on dialogues and the right dramaturgy.

Our complete service covers the entire organization and realization of a dubbing: script and direction, selection of narrators via casting, sound recording, dubbing edit and mix. Naturally, we also offer technical postproduction with all kinds of audio and video transfer as well as the German editing of titles, inserts and music.

We also have our own sound studios equipped with state-of-the-art dubbing technology and can record for you in Munich or Berlin.

We can complete the final sound mix in all professional formats in two spacious mixing suites for television and feature films.

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